Transform Your Bathroom with Bathtub Refinishing and other Services

Transform Your Bathroom with Bathtub Refinishing and other Services

Is your bathtub, shower head, counter top, etc. damaged or worn out? Get your bathroom to look brand new again by opting for refinishing or re glazing. This is a process in which an industrial coating is applied on the bathtub and other surfaces to make them look new again.

What all is included?

Bathtub often get damaged or discolored especially in older bathrooms. Bathtub refinishing consists of imparting a new look to the surface of the old and worn bathtub through reglazing. Holes, cracks and many other imperfections are also repaired efficiently. The service is provided for bathtubs of all sizes and materials such as porcelain, fiberglass, tile, cultured marble, metal and many more.

Counters which are chipped, discolored, have burn marks, scratches, etc. spoil the look of the entire bathroom. Such countertops are repaired and imparted an entirely new look. No matter what material may have been used in making the countertop such as Formica, Granite, Laminate, Cultured marble, Tiles, Coriander, etc.  all kinds of countertops can be revamped and made to look brand new in appearance. Resurfacing is a more convenient alternative to completely replacing the countertop. The color of the countertop can also be customized according to the customer’s requirements.

Shower and toilet pans are also included. In fact,  one can go in for entire Bathroom remodeling Henderson NV.

What is the process?

Prior to initiating the process, the team of technicians inspects the entire area to detect any potential hazard. A proper access to the outside environment is also sought by them because the industrial equipments used in the process tends to leave an odor which needs to be eliminated. not only resurfaces your bathroom constituents but also repair any kind of damage.

The entire area near the things that are to be resurfaced is covered. Any kind of repair that needs to be carried out is completed before resurfacing. The surface is then abraded by either sanding or etching. The surface is then cleaned thoroughly.

Coating is finally applied on the surface. The coating and colors are applied using high volume/low pressure unit. The entire surface is cleaned after the process is completed. A “Do not use” sign is also left near the surface.